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The lyrics are usually sung in Cajun French ZYDECO MUSIC The African-American and Creole people living in the same area adapted the basic Cajun music,by the incorporation of other rhythms such as Afro-Caribbean, Blues, Soul, Rock'n'Roll,etc,to provide a much more syncopated version.

This music is called Zydeco,and is played on piano accordian or 'punchy'button accordian accompanied by electric guitars,with the rhythm usually being driven by drums and rub board (frottoir).

Texans have pioneered developments in Tejano and Conjunto music, Rock 'n Roll, Western swing, jazz, punk rock, country, hip-hop, electronic music, gothic industrial music, religious music, mariachi, psychedelic rock, zydeco and the blues.

state of Texas has long been a center for musical innovation and is the birthplace of many notable musicians.

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"It's Zydeco" is a zydeco song performed on Sesame Street by The Oat Bran Zydeco "Je Ne Sais Quoi" Band, fronted by lead singer Jerry Nelson.

A version of the song was later used in a sketch with Telly and Zoe about the letter Z (with new lyrics written by Joey Mazzarino).

The descendants of these pioneers became known as Cajuns (a corruption of the word Acadians).

These trees stand together as a testament to the wonders of the natural world.

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This event is presented by the Atlanta Cajun Zydeco Association Join local Cajun and zydeco dance enthusiasts as they keep the music of Louisiana alive and thriving!

Dance the night away with the Cajun two-step and the zydeco syncopated slide to energetic live music.

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