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I thought they were the most wonderful humans on the planet: beautiful, talented, smart (!! What I wouldn’t have done to somehow fall into their orbit…

goodness only knows what I would have done should I have been granted my pathetic wish.

I was at the library today and what I do on Sundays is I randomly grab 6 CDS (the limit) and see if I like them.

Well today I came across "The Leif Garrett Collection." When I went to check out the checkout person (who looked in her late 40s) said "Oh my where did you get this?

Deputies during a subsequent search allegedly found suspected narcotics on the musician-actor, officials told The Los Angeles Times.

Both Winkler and Garrett, 23, admitted in court they had been drinking and had taken depressant drugs at a party at Winkler's home before the accident, Steinbrecher said.The jury found Winkler to be 8 percent negligent because he drove in the car with Garrett knowing the one-time teenage heartthrob had been drinking. Winkler sued Garrett in January 1980, claiming Garrett was at fault in the Nov.3, 1979, accident that left Winkler paralyzed from the chest down.My daughter will be 42 soon and Leif Garrett was one of the guys on her wall, along with Shaun Cassidy, Bill Hudson of the Hudson Brothers, and John Travolta.By the time she was 15, those guys were down and up went Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.

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