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We also like Mamahuhu's line-straddling humor that pokes fun at at both foreigners and Chinese with equal fervor.

Yeah, those besties look like they're friends forever, that beauty mask merchant looks like she's raking in the dough, and that adorable infant looks just like a bundle of pure joy in the arms of her parents.

Dzaffir said the victim sustained minor injuries but lost an estimated RM8,000 in cash and valuables which the men had taken from him.“A district Criminal Investigation Department team later arrested five people, including a woman, aged between 20 and 25, in Bandar Kinrara this morning.

PETALING JAYA: A 22-year-old man went to meet a woman he met at We Chat for sex but ended up being bashed up by extortionists.

In fact our very own site here at has seen referrals from We Chat skyrocket over the past few months, to the point where 10% of our April blog traffic has come directly from We Chat.

What we do know is that some real estate agents are able to sell houses from the United States to Chinese people who want to secure their money by investing in American real estate.

We are talking about houses and small mansions that may sell for millions of dollars.

Getting depressed looking at all the happy, successful moments your contacts are sharing on We Chat? Now thanks to Shanghai-based satirical video producers Mamahuhu, we get a real look at what these users are like behind their posed moments.

We're especially grateful for the fact that Mamahuhu subtitles all their videos both in English and Chinese, which means both bilingual understanding and the ability to enjoy the videos at work without letting the boss hear that you're wasting valuable company time watching Youku.

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