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The license of the program does not prohibit request for donation.

And the existence of the application may well be depending on donated money.

Thanks Well, I strongly suggest to not change this behaviour as many open source programs use this mechanism of donation. Azureus is licensed under the GPL, the GPL stands that you could even sell your software so I don't see a problem with this window.

It's a way for people to contribute to the effort that the programmers are taken into build the software you are merely using.

But I don't mind a little security risks in favor for high speed transfer.

How can I make Deluge behave like Azureus that is *punch a hole* in my router so that it can have 300-400 k B/sec average within 20 seconds or so?

It's especially useful for remote torrent management — for instance, if you use a machine other than your main workstation for Bit Torrent downloads — but works just as well for controlling Azureus on your local machine.The widget will talk to an Azureus installation on any platform — Windows, OS X, Linux, etc. For the purposes of these instructions, the phrase "Azureus box" refers to the machine running Azureus.If this machine is also the machine running the widget, then pay attention to all the stuff about the "local machine." Torrents.For any who are dorky enough to want to know how it works: the XML/HTTP plugin provides a web-service-like mechanism for executing many of the same methods that are available to all Azureus plugins.It listens on a port you specify; POST an XML string to that port containing the method you want to invoke, and you'll get an XML file back that describes the results.

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