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reported a new setting had been added to the personality range of a sex robot made by the company True Companion.

Called “Frigid Farrah”, the setting allows men who own the robot to simulate rape.

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The company behind the world's first sex robot has revealed its customers most frequently want sex dolls that look like Marilyn Monroe.

Do sex robots like Frigid Farrah eroticise and normalise male sexual aggression?

Or does allowing men to “act out” these “most private sexual dreams” on inanimate objects actually make real women safer?

While many dating websites now adhere to a strict no-bot policy, some are happy to write ambiguous terms and conditions into their policies, allowing for fake profiles and bot relationships to flourish on the site, it's claimed.

, we've all fantasised (at least once) about talking to the sex God that is Christian Grey IRL.

On analysis of the code, it became clear engineers had developed female chatbots, which had in turn engaged some of its male userbase.Instead the company says it creates a 'very beautiful blonde with a full figure' as a substitute.An American sex robot manufacturer revealed the Marilyn Monroe is requested more frequently than anyone else with half of orders the company receives are for celebrity lookalikes.The company has revealed Marilyn Monroe is the most sought after celebrity bot.'We could produce similar, but we couldn't produce Marilyn', engineer Douglas Hines from True Companion told Sun Online.'If you wanted a robot that looked like Marilyn Monroe, you would have to have her estate approve it.'We cannot do one that models Marilyn Monroe but we could do a very beautiful blonde with a full figure and so forth', he said.The company said that around 50 per cent of orders are for people who want a robot made to look like a family member, with grieving customers paying up to ,995.00 (£7,700).

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