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Sponsors support the noble mission which is equally related to culture and education and tourism and helps to spread knowledge everywhere, thus enriching society.

Publishers, and their authors, are paid for reads (thanks to the support of sponsors), and people all over Croatia have the written word at hand.""It should not be important whether you are a member of an institution and whether you live in a city with bookstores and libraries in order to have access to books," added Rončević.

Croatia, what is now an open digital library, is the first country in the world that is truly a Free Reading Zone, announces Buro247 on 6 December, 2016.

From today in Croatia, the top 100,000 digital books from all over the world are available to you to read for free, anywhere within the Croatian borders and without membership cards or special codes.

Many parents are faced with these problems, so the Programerko Association has decided to take action and do something about it.

Thanks to the British Embassy who supported them in Croatia, there is now a Code Club in Croatia.

"Resources and knowledge should be invested in the greater good.

In Great Britain, we have been doing this for years, and that is why we have decided to become part of this story.

It is crucial for kids to learn how programming works, it's a long-term and smart investment in our society, an investment for a better future," said British Ambassador Andrew Dalgleish.

The heavy fines are to act as a deterrent and time will tell if they have an impact as the season is set to enter its peak.

If not, then Novak may have to look at the party boats and enforcing various other restrictions.

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As Indra Kubicek, Code Club International Director for International Co-operation, says, their method includes teaching children while they're having fun so they do not even notice that they are learning.

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