Sedating house cats for travel

However, there are situations in which you need to bring them with you.If you're moving, going on an extended vacation or leaving town to care for a sick family member, you may want to bring Pringles with you.According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), cats should only be sedated for travel if they get so upset that they are in danger of hurting themselves. In addition, suggests treating travel anxiety with the antihistamine diphenhydramine.Marketed as Benadryl, this drug has a sedative effect and can help alleviate motion sickness.Know your cat's behavior and plan accordingly. Kitty accustomed to driving on small trips and coming home. If you're moving across the country (and states have different requirements), it's better to get kitty checked out ahead of your car trip and have all of his health documentation with you. There's nothing worse than getting out on the road for ten to twelve hours and then having to spend another hour or two going to different hotels and searching for one that accepts your pet (well, unless you want to hide kitty? A helpful website for finding such hotels (like will help make your nighttime arrangements a little easier. If you haven't used a leash and harness and plan to during your trip, practice ahead of time to get kitty used to the feeling of restraint. Small cats can climb up underneath the dash and become stuck and/or chew on wires.Planning well will take some of the stress out of car travel with your cat. Get your pet microchipped if you haven't already. This practice will lessen the anxiety he might feel when he realizes that not every car trip involves him getting shots or a thermometer stuck up his butt. Kitty "visit" with the car several times before your trip and allow him to deposit his scent. His scent, like when he rubs his face or his body on you, but instead does that to the car so he can feel more secure later when he smells the familiar scent in the car on travel day. It's also very important for kitty to be up-to-date on his rabies vaccination. Because, let's face it, you're exhausted from driving all day anyway. Make sure kitty's carrier is able to be restrained. Abrupt stops can cause carriers to slide, so make sure you're able to put the carrier in a place that can be restrained with the seatbelt or able to remain stationary (like behind the driver or passenger seat on the floor — the lower center of gravity will cause less movement). Tips For Traveling Feed your pet three-four hours before starting to give food time to settle (and don't feed/water your pet in a moving vehicle). Make sure kitty has some playtime during the day or evening.According to Jane Brunt, DVM, Executive Director of the CATalyst Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cat welfare and well being, cats should be trained to travel.

In the case of such a heartbreaking event, having them microchipped will at least give them a good chance of being returned to you. Have your cat wear a collar with your name, destination, phone number, and rabies tag. Secure carrier in a safe spot and preferably where he can see you. Keep the windows up (the open window noise and wind can be unsettling to kitty).

When you are traveling, it can be comforting and fun to take your pets along with you.

But while many people travel with dogs, it's not as common to travel with your cat in tow.

Depending on the brand, they may be given orally, applied directly to the cat, or sprayed in the carrier and car.

If your cat's travel anxiety is severe and doesn't respond to the combination of behavior modification techniques and holistic remedies, talk to your veterinarian about prescription medications. Shafford of Vet Anesthesia Specialists recommends the following medications for travel anxiety and other stressors.

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