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At Live World, we’re a collection of technology trailblazers, marketing pioneers, and industry disruptors.

We’re known for being passionate about connecting people and brands through social media and not being afraid to share our opinions.

Play a game and pick up where you left off on another Xbox One or PC, bringing all your saves, game add-ons and achievements with you. Create your own gaming communities with Clubs on Xbox Live.

With dedicated groups organised around similar interests, playstyles and objectives, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with like-minded gamers.

Now when you own an Xbox Play Anywhere digital title, it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost.As you move, the mask moves with you Talk with family, friends, roommates, co-workers and in events all at once.Use Tango to keep in touch with the groups of people that matter to you.Send text, photos, videos, stickers & more to a group.At Live World, we help companies improve the customer experience by managing conversations in messaging apps and social media to develop deeper relationships with customers.

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Enthalten sind Tools zur Gesichtsverschönerung, über 200 lustige Effekte für Videochats und -aufnahmen und alle Aufnahmewerkzeuge, außerdem einfache und effiziente Sicherheitswerkzeuge, wie Überwachung und Gesichts-Login.

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