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It’s unclear how long Rachel Lindsay and Kevin Durant dated.Durant only spent a year at the university before he entered the 2007 NBA Draft and was the second one chosen by the Super Sonics.They IGNORE them, unless they have no choice but to report on it because of the immense popularity of the white male celebrity in question who happens to reveal who his girlfriend is and the said girlfriend is black. LOL Not only that, but he liked cheap and trashy women. When Dandridge died, Peter Lawford was so overcome with grief he could not give the scheduled eulogy.

Rikaart’s write-out will be seen by viewers this August.Well here's the second installment of the above mentioned special edition series here on "The Chocolate Chick".... Found the performance on YT, but the vid ends right at the end of the performance. Peter Lawford & Dorothy Dandridge Peter Lawford was a very popular actor, he married into the Kennedy family when he wed John F. However prior to Patricia, Lawford was in love with Dorothy Dandridge and folks say she was the love of his life.because you know mainstream media won't tell you ish about celebrity non-black men dating women of color. Due to the obvious racism during those days, the two ended their relationship to protect their careers.Sources told the magazine that Rachel Lindsay was the one to break things off with Kevin before she entered law school. And, Kevin Durant isn’t doing so bad for himself, either.He will go on to play Game 3 of the NBA Finals this coming Wednesday.

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