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It would be a lie if I told you the collages of people’s picture perfect lives gracing social media today didn’t cause me to slam my laptop shut, only to quietly reopen it a few moments later. You are beautiful and I want you to know that I too, am celebrating the love you share.

I started counseling but considered quitting weekly out of fear and shame.

Please don’t take this the wrong way — I’m truly astounded by your ability to run five marathons this year.

And goodness, that sweet baby snuggled under the Christmas tree, illuminated by the lights’ golden glow?

High-functioning anxiety means I sometimes talk too much, I overcompensate for silences and at least one part of my anatomy is always moving — drumming fingers, flicking hair, constantly in motion.

Do you think they sound like someone you could grow to love ? Thing is, if I had to write an honest lonely hearts ad, based entirely on my emotions, that ad above would be me. In day-to-day situations, I come across as a bubbly, outgoing person.

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