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1.7) and it is predicted to reach 80 million in 2007 ( 1).Mobile phones are not only a symbol of Indonesian modernity (Barendregt 5), but like other communication technology can become a platform through which to explore socio-political issues (Winner 28).This study is placed at a time when social relations, intimacy, and sexuality in Indonesia have become central public issues.

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Many fear that dating apps are promoting sexual ‘deviancy’ and a ‘gay lifestyle’.

Dating apps, however, are not just used by people wanting to hook up for casual sex.

We discuss two cases from contemporary Indonesia: a mobile dating service (BEDD) and mobile phone pornography.

For each case study, we first discuss the socio-political background in Indonesia, then describe the technological affordances of the mobile phone which facilitate dating and pornography, and finally give examples of how the mobile phone is effecting change in dating and pornographic practices.

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Many people who use online dating apps in Indonesia choose their apps based on sexual preference.

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  1. In online dating, people can specify certain information in online dating that will narrow down specifically what traits and personalities people want to be matched up with.