Emmalyn estrada and jean luc bilodeau dating

He also starred alongside Debby Ryan on the Disney Channel movie 16 Wishes as Jay Kepler.

He also guest starred in two episodes of ABC's No Ordinary Family as Bret Martin.

It’s easy to turn it on every Wednesday and laugh a little bit. A) I’m team Ben 100% and I used to say I was team Danny, but I’m growing and maturing with the character as well. Well, for the show, they got me a Flair Bartending coach. I’m not good with mixology, but I can definitely throw the bottles around. When she got to set, it was just incredible how normal she is. I love Eddie and Reba, but they were only in for a few episodes. We’re making a funny show, but comedy stems from reality. A) A lot of people are looking forward to see what happens with the love triangle for sure.

As Ben has gotten older, he’s making wiser decisions and he’s turning into a good man, and I think Ben deserves a great girl like Riley and I think that she’s the perfect mom figure for Emma and she would definitely step up to the plate. I obviously have a more emotional connection with Ben than I do Danny. So, I had to learn all those crazy moves you see in the show. So, I can make a killer vodka soda because it’s two ingredients [laughs]. It was a very pleasant surprise working with such a huge superstar and she turns out to be this really great girl. She was hilarious on Reba and she brought that same kind of twang to Baby Daddy. She’s a great person to work with and made the week of work really awesome. We’ve been very blessed with very cool, nice, respectful and professional guest stars and people. Peter is becoming almost like a series regular—being in almost every episode. Looking at the situation in real life, if I were to see my best friend dating my mom, I don’t think it would be appropriate or cool at all [laughs]. There’s definitely some advances taken by our good old Chelsea Kane, Riley.

Il poursuit sa carrière avec le film de Disney Channel sorti en 2010 16 vœux.

Il y interprète Jay, le meilleur ami d'Abby joué par Debby Ryan.

You tuned in every week not because you necessarily needed to see where the storyline was going, but you just wanted to laugh a little bit for half an hour and watch people you enjoy and watch likable, happy people. The character she doesn’t choose will leave him up to some future and fun storylines of dating and kind of separating himself from the love triangle. He makes me laugh all day long — he’s just one of those people and he’s great. Melissa can crack the entire set up all day long because she’s just like a stand-up show 24/7, but, yes, they’re all great and funny. We go on trips together all the time and she’s easy to hang out with.

I think our show is very happy, and people like to see that. So, I’m excited to see what happens in this coming season for sure. I would say I see Tahj probably the second most just because he lives near me. It’s a little harder with Melissa because she’s got a family but, yes, we all try to get together.

For Disney, he starred in ABC Family's drama series Kyle XY as Josh Trager and in Freeform's sitcom Baby Daddy.His current relationship status is single and was dating his girlfriend with whom he has one daughter.He isn’t seen dating ever since after their break up. He doesn’t want media to interfere in his personal life. I’ve wanted to have a big family so this drove it into my head that it’s not an easy process like I thought it would be.I’m just one of two, so, my family is pretty small and when I think of family life, I’m just used to having one other sibling around.

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