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Many have either claimed or speculated that one way the NSA and other U. spy agencies got around the prohibition of spying on Americans was to let a third party do it for them. News reports, based on the leaks of NSA information by Edward Snowden, say that GCHQ stored millions of images gleaned from its webcam surveillance.According to the New York Times, the Australian Signals Directorate tapped a U. law firm representing Indonesian interests and offered their intercepts to the NSA. These images can be retrieved in various ways, including the use of advanced face recognition systems, so seemingly unrelated video chats from different computers and with different names or web addresses, can be linked together.According to Mattel, the soon-to-be-released doll, which was created in collaboration with US-based start-up Toy Talk, will not only be able to talk to children, but also take on board and understand what they say, enabling it to interact with the child on a personal level.'Our artificial intelligence engine is running with the content of what Barbie can say.That AI engine's job is to decide what is best to say back.They could also store conversations and would be permanently listening for instructions The patent suggests the 'toy' would listen for a trigger word and when it hears it, turn to face the speaker, using cameras to check they are making eye contact.This would mean the toy could essentially come 'alive' on demand and autonomously change its facial expression, much like the toys in Disney's Toy Story (pictured) There is no guarantee that Google's idea will ever make it into production – like the ideas published in many patents – and it's not the only company to work on connected toys.In official statements, Google shrugged off the practice with what amounts to “we can do that”. "When I start Chromium, it downloads something." Followed by strange status information that notably included the lines "Microphone: Yes" and "Audio Capture Allowed: Yes".

Google has published a patent that suggests creepy-looking teddy bears and rabbits (pictured) could interact with homeowners to switch lights on and off and turn on appliances with a simple vocal command The internet-connected toys would be able to listen in on family conversations and respond by turning their heads, talking and changing their facial expressions, much like the intelligent 'super toy' teddy bear (pictured) in Stephen Spielberg's science fiction film, AI The toys would connect to the internet and carry out commands issued by their owners such as switching a TV on or off (illustrated).

A brief explanation of the Open-source / Free-software philosophy is needed here.

When you’re installing a version of GNU/Linux like Debian or Ubuntu onto a fresh computer, thousands of really smart people have analyzed every line of human-readable source code before that operating system was built into computer-executable binary code, to make it common and open knowledge what the machine to be doing.

Stephen Bryen, Chairman & CTO Ziklag Systems Spying through smartphone cameras, computer webcams, laptops and tablets is widespread and governments have been checking people out for years.

Between 20, GCHQ, Britain's NSA, ran a program called Optic Nerve that scanned live webcam chats on Yahoo (and probably other chat services).

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