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You need to experience that," Sickowitz explains wisely. Maybe do something your parents wouldn’t approve of."Tori worries her lip nervously. She can't just get a tattoo or steal a car because of a stupid audition. Ya know, one of those guys with skinny jeans and leather jackets and a bad 'tude."Tori ponders it for a moment. " it would bring new feelings out of you and set you on edge, just what you need for your audition.""You just want to see her macking on another girl," Jade sneer her voice dripping with jealousy."I don't see why you'd care," Beck replies coolly. Sickowitz said bus stations are a good place to find them! Because this is , there are more than 10 gay couples out in this school and no one even bats an eyelash." Everyone nods at Beck's statement."Yeah! "There's a chorus of "yeah"s and "definitely"s, all but one person who keeps quietly staring at her black nails."Okay, fine. Her parents had raised her with an open mind and the certainty that love is love, no matter the gender, race or beliefs. She always brushed it off good-naturedly because she wasn't interested in having a relationship, or was in one at the moment, but she thinks that yeah, maybe she could see herself going on a date with a girl, holding her hand and kissing her. She's hunched over her notebook, blue pen in hand, taking notes furiously, when a lock of raven hair escapes from behind her ear. The smirking girl stops in front of her, her body just a few inches away. Defeated, she makes her way to her seat and plops on it with a long whine. A short while later, Tori sits at their lunch table, munching half-heartedly on her pizza slice while everyone throws ideas at her."You could go to one of Northridge's parties; it doesn't get dirtier than that," Robbie says."I know another way to get down and dirty, sweet cheeks," Rex interrupts."Ew! Jade scoffs."I dunno, sounds like a good idea to me," Andre adds, his eyes glazing over slightly."But where will you find a bad girl? ""I don't think that's the kind of girl we're thinking of, Cat," Robbie explains gently."Oh." She twirls a red lock of hair with a pout."Now wait a minute! She puts her hands up, looking at them with wide eyes. Tori stutters."What if- if I don't want to date a girl? I'll think about it." Tori thinks about it all night long. Damn, she's getting excited thinking about it; after all, it's been long since she's had any action at all. She pushes it back, annoyed, because it covers her notes and Tori follows the path of her pale hand as she winds it through her hair and brushes it over her other shoulder, exposing a large expanse of pale white skin and giving Tori a peek at that elusive tattoo on the back of her neck. This is definitely not the first time they have invaded each other's personal space. " Tori says between a mouthful."You should go skinny dipping," Jade comments. ""One time, my brother threw my hamster in our neighbor's pool to see if it would float," Cat chirps. "But it was empty."Now Tori is a little horrified."Mh! "When did you become the one's deciding what I'm doing? But this is not about pleasure, this is about her audition. Bad attitude, her parents wouldn't approve, risky, attractive– because she's a teenager and she's a bit superficial, sue her– and of course: interested in girls. She's never seen it properly; she doubts anyone apart from herself, the tattoo artist, and Beck has. It is the first time, though, that Jade notices how it affects her.“God, I knew you had some kind of weird fixation with me, but…”“That’s not- I don’t-“ Tori starts to argue."What makes you think I'd date you? The emerald green streaks make a nice contrast against her black hair and are a good combination with her black dress. "Okay." He lifts the side of his mouth in an attempt of a smile and reaches for the door."Wait! That was the root of Tori's problem, and the reason that she needed Jade. What happens when Jade and Tori are partnered together for another class at Hollywood Arts, only this time it's not stage fighting, it's stage kissing. She'll forever be in his shadow unless she can make it in Hollywood too.

27-2-2013 · Sometimes special occasions just turn out to be a hot mess.

His new show films in another city and he and Jade break up.

Beck and Tori are forced to seek out eachother for company when their friends and family desert them for the Memorial Day weekend.

Tori needs to seem more mature for an audition and decides it's time to take a real risk. She's hopeful—this time she's sure she got it right. She doesn't know how long she's been sitting in her sister's car since she parked it, but she knows Trina's right, she's going to make them late. "I was thinking of a girl that has a bad attitude, that my parents wouldn't accept, that could get me in trouble, that would keep me on edge…" Jade's eyes widen almost imperceptibly.

And what is more dangerous than dating the girl who used to hate your guts? This story has been published in another site under a different pseudonym, so if you've already read it, don't be alarmed, no one is stealing it. Until they all burst into laughter."Aw man…"Andre clutches at his stomach and Cat falls from her chair onto the floor in a fit of giggles. She takes three consecutive deep breaths, like she's about to go on stage to perform, and steps out of the car. And well it- it is a good idea, but, uhm…"Jade lets out a guffaw. " She asks mockingly."I'm not ," she snaps crossing her arms defensively."So what's your problem, Vega? Tori notices how green they look under this yellowish light. Tori's nape hairs rise on end."You want to date me," she states, her eyes twinkling like Tori just gave her an early Christmas present. Perfect, can-do-no-wrong, Tori Vega, wants something from me.”Tori doesn’t answer, deciding to bite her tongue instead.

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