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Justin Payne isn't a professional law enforcement officer, but he's made it...

The conversation surrounding gender identity issues has become more open and prominent than ever before, but severe misconceptions and prejudices still exist.

Being drunk or high when you have sex has nothing to do with the biological chances of getting pregnant.

Since being drunk or high probably makes you or your partner less likely to remember to use that condom or take that birth control pill, it may actually the chance of a pregnancy.

But it's also provided a platform by which investigators can pinpoint and apprehend these deviants.

In reality, less than 1 in 100 young and healthy people are truly infertile.

Having sex without birth control and not getting pregnant means you got lucky.

He will check the family and the nest structure, and while he's there, recenter our camera.

So keep your fingers crossed that he's able to make the climb.

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For many, understanding and acceptance may only be possible when provided an opportunity to walk in the...

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