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Fans who believe the profile was set up by a member of the Gorillaz camp have pointed out that it was synced up to Noodle’s Instagram account, which would have meant undergoing a verification process.Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s animated band made their online return in September month across their social media accounts.Advice on falling asleep The Gorillaz Unique Law Advice Inspiration behind the cartoons 2D gives account on a fan experience Who is ‘Damien Albran?Murdoch(top left)Born June 6, 1966, Stoke-on-Trent, Bass and Vocals.The story describes what happened to the character following the events described in past albums.The whole story leads to the upcoming release of the Gorillaz’ fifth album in early 2017 which was originally set for release this year, but was pushed back.Sexuality: Suspected bi-sexual Appearance: Dresses in black, wearing upside down crosses.2D(top right)Born 1978, Pianist and Vocals Character: Driving force behind the band.

After a celebrated album release, the four eclectic characters behind the Gorillaz took some time to all sit behind a computer and answer a flurry of questions from rabid fans.

According to the fan Instagram account, gorillaz.namerica, the band’s co-collaborator/animator, Jamie Hewlett, revealed the music was “really fucking special” and “can’t be rushed”. What are your thoughts on the new multimedia concept?

Noodle from Gorillaz may have set up her own short-lived OKCupid account.

With these illustrations the sign of a new dawn, that album is looking more and more likely.

The Gorillaz just made their triumphant return after six years of time off.

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Character: Leader of the band, who is bossy, a sadist and worships Satin.

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