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Systems of government, systems of finance, systems of trade are all under attack. The world’s economy has many fathers; Adam Smith, the father of capitalism; Richard Arkwright, the father of the industrial revolution; John Maynard Keynes, the father of modern macroeconomic theory; David Ricardo, the father of international free trade; Henry Ford, the father of mass production.If there was ever such a thing as a global world order, it is being shaken by a million raised voices. For me, one man has done more to revolutionise trade, raise global wealth, reduce costs, bring goods to new geographic markets – and to the affordability of average households – than any other.It seems to me that if you’re going to campaign for fairness and free speech — as Brendan frequently and heroically does — then you need correctly to identify the true enemy.To help you understand what’s going on, I’d like you to cast your minds back to the Eighties and the era of ‘political correctness gone mad’.

And yet, the consensus surrounding free markets and liberal democracy has never seemed so fragile.

(It does have a caveat: "The views of the original author do not necessarily reflect those of the translator.")organized last year by Russia's nationalist Rodina, or Motherland, party offered a safe space for fringe thinkers — including white supremacists and anti-Semites — to gather and rail against the US-led status quo."We work actively with other ethnic groups to support their right to self-determination," Heimbach said, listing black nationalism and the full autonomy of Native Americans as two causes that his party actively supports.

Kevin Mac Donald — who gave a speech at Spencer's NPI in late November about how "Jews remade America in their interests ...

His name is Malcolm Mc Lean and he’s a ‘father’ too. The son of a North Carolina farmer who grew up during the great depression, Malcolm Mc Lean worked at a petrol station to save enough money to buy a second-hand truck. Waiting at docks one evening for a pickup, he realised how long and labour-intensive it was to load and unload ships.

It took days for even a medium sized vessel to leave port. According to Mc Lean “a ship earns money only when she’s at sea” and he viewed those long waits on the dockside as an impediment to purpose.

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"Debts of households and government both remain too high.

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